Kandi Cares

To her fans’ delight, Kandi Burruss is returning for season 4 of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but after shakeups in the series’ sister franchise and Kim Zolciak set to star in her own show, Kandi said she’s not sure what to expect.

“You never know. I don’t feel too comfortable. I can’t be too comfortable,” she said when asked whether the ousting of four original cast members from “Real Housewives of New York” meant trouble for the “RHOA” cast.

“That’s why I keep multiple things going on. In my opinion, I’ve been in the industry long enough to know that you may be hot, but as soon as you cool down, people are ready to say, ‘She fell off.’”

As the owner of Tags boutique, host of the “Kandy Koated Nights” Internet show, developer of an adult toy line (Bedroom Kandi) and star of the new Bravo series “Kandi Factory,” it’s unlikely anyone will be counting her out anytime soon.

Kandi also heads a foundation called Kandi Cares that helps single parents “afford to do things for their children they might not be able to afford” otherwise.

“I’m from a single-parent home and I am a single parent. I used to get in trouble when I wasn’t involved in extracurricular activities,” Kandi told Sister 2 Sister. “The best thing to do for kids or any children is to get them in the most activities as possible. “

Oh, and don’t forget about her Spades application. “It’s Kandi Koated Spades,” she said before describing how her app allows people to play like they do in real life with reneging and all. “Most Spades applications don’t let you do that. Mine does.”

She is also serving as executive producer for a show on another network, but Kandi said it’s too early to go into detail about that.

“I have multiple hustles. I’m always thinking about what’s my next move,” she said while assuring “RHOA” fans that she has no plans to leave the hit series.

“I want them to keep me as part of the show,” said Kandi, who hasn’t seen any episodes of the new season, but predicts it will pack a punch.

“It’s so much drama this year. It’s not going to be like one big thing. It’s going to be multiple arguments and blowouts,” she said.

Will Kandi be involved in any drama?

“There were times I had a couple words,” she admitted before assuring that there will be no drinks thrown in anyone’s face. “That’s when you get me acting straight street,” she laughed.

—Tracy L. Scott, Sister 2 Sister Magazine